About us

abt1Lion Finance is a reputed financing company established by a group of highly experienced entrepreneurs to offer the poor but hardworking people a way to earn their own bread and butter more independently. Where the loaning procedure in most of the banks is too much complicated, we offer simplified and flexible loan sanctioning method to our customers. No matter you want to purchase a vehicle, need money for farming products or want to start a group business, Lion Finance is always there to support you. Just visit our bank and our executives will be there to guide you through the process. India is a country where a major part of the population still struggles to manage their daily budget and compromises with their life standard. As per different survey reports, it affects the balance of the society and increases the number of poverty-driven illegal activities. Though it's not possible to change the scenario by providing unconditional helps, we can still do much by offering them a way to become financially self-dependent.

The founders of Lion Finance understood this fact and established this organization to lend money to the hardworking rural people at highly affordable interest rate. Our schemes are fully designed as per their capacity and convenience to make it truly helpful to grow. Lion Finance welcomes any person or group of persons who are willing to start their own business and we will be grateful to support you financially.